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Tell us how you’ve explored your archive

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  • Explore Your Archive Campaign, the largest public awareness campaign the sector has ever undertaken, began on Saturday 16th November and runs until Saturday 23rd November.

    Archives across the UK, including The National Archives, are holding a variety of events both in-house and online to showcase little known treasures and discoveries from their collections. See for event listings.

    The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the crucial role archives of all types play in exploring and understanding history and heritage.

    We would like to encourage you to share and discuss your experiences of the Explore Your Archive Campaign. Are you visiting one of the participating archives during this period, or have you participated in one of the online events? Let us know about your expectations and experiences of the event.

  • Profile picture of Marcus Belben Marcus Belben 2 years, 2 months ago:

    This summer saw the official launch of Paganel Archives, the first UK ARCHON registered repository archive in a state primary school. As part of ‘Explore your archive’ children from Paganel Primary School will be presenting at Weoley Castle Community Library, showcasing some archive material, demonstrating ‘live’ archiving, and will be interviewing participants at Weoley Castle Heritage Day, 21st November 2013 at the Community Library.

    Paganel Archives are run by parents, staff and children working together documenting life locally, as well as contributing directly to their own archive. The Archive is open to the public by arrangement.

    As part of ‘Explore your Archive’ we are particularly keen to make contact with other young archivists and share experiences. Please contact me either directly ( or through this site.

  • Profile picture of Mandy Blake - Moderator Mandy Blake – Moderator 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Hi Marcus,

    Your project sounds amazing! It’s so important to keep history alive, and where better to start but in primary schools? I like the idea of staff, parents and children working together too.

    Hi James,

    I went to my local archives on Saturday, knowing nothing about this campaign, and still none the wiser when I came out! I recognise the ‘archive’ poster you’ve put on the front page, so they had one of those pinned up, but that was it. It’s a very good archive but I don’t know why the campaign wasn’t higher profile, especially on its opening day.


  • Hi Mandy,

    I’m sorry you were disappointed with the display at your local archive. Although it’s a national campaign, involvement from individual archives is naturally dependent on local factors.

    The campaign got off to a great start on 16 November. We’re really excited to say that at least 150 archives signed up to taking part in a range of activities for the Explore week and beyond. The team at The National Archives and Archives and Records Association has been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which archives of all shapes and sizes are participating. Please have a look at the website and the hashtag #explorearchives to get an idea of the activities others have organised.

    We hope the campaign continues to gain interest and support from archives as well as the public.

  • Profile picture of Mandy Blake - Moderator Mandy Blake – Moderator 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Hi James

    The funny thing was that I didn’t realise it was the start date of the campaign, I just remembered afterwards that I’d seen a poster when I saw the topic on here! It’s a good archive with good staff and they have regular activities, but I would’ve expected to see a bit more ‘activity’ on Saturday :)

  • Profile picture of Jacqui Kirk Jacqui Kirk 2 years, 2 months ago:

    I have looked at and publicised “All Change” for the National Railway Museum but too far to go to visit. Derbyshire Record Office’s events etc I’ve been following in their blog but they’ll all be over by the time I can visit next week (my schedule is dictated by my work commitments and my Dad’s various appointments as I’m the chauffeur now he can’t get around any more) and there’s seems to be nothing in my neck of the woods. Maybe events spread out over a longer period next year to give us all a chance?

    There seems to be a general tendency to cram events together in a short period such as a week for a “festival” and all that happens is that we get event overload and end up not going to any of them. A bit like half term events for kids when the kids get fed up and just want to stay at home with their consoles half way through the week.

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